Bob Phelps

Robert Phelps

Bob is a trainer of long standing in the business and financial community. Although his core specialisms lie within the world of technical financial reporting under IFRS, US and UK GAAP, Bob is also very experienced in the development of courses on financial statement analysis, business valuations and bank prudential regulation.

Bob’s work has involved him partnering in learning projects with a wide variety of different clients in both private and public sectors. Working around the world, he has designed and delivered training within varying corporate and national cultures and has gained valuable experience of learners’ needs in what can be very different and challenging contexts. In the recent past he has delivered training courses to range of sectors including banking, insurance, legal, retail, real estate, oil and gas, waste disposal and engineering.

Bob has throughout his career endeavoured to be known as a presenter who can communicate financial skills and technical know-how in an engaging, participative and entertaining way

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