Laurence Howland

Laurence Howland

Over the course of a 30 year career with HM Customs and Excise (latterly HM Revenue and Customs), Laurence has developed an extensive knowledge of financial crime, tax fraud and the investigation of money laundering. He has led teams in front line operational money laundering investigations, criminal restraint and confiscation, as well as working at the heart of the national intelligence structure with key policing partners in the Regional Organised Crime Units.

In 2010, Laurence was deployed as the Fiscal Crime Liaison Officer to China and the Far East, spending over 4 years training and mentoring foreign law enforcement officers and building mutual understanding of and collaboration on international acquisitive crime and underground money transfer. He has subsequently acted as an expert witness in a number of cases involving Far Eastern money laundering and organised crime.

Laurence has trained extensively in both the UK and Asia on proceeds of crime trends, tax crime and money laundering and the development of associated legislation and regulation. He has worked with clients as diverse as major corporations, international banks, foreign government ministries, law enforcement and the judiciary. He maintains a professional interest in Far Eastern organised crime and a personal enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture.

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