IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting – How to do the numbers (Two day)

Speaker:  Robert Phelps  |  CPD Hours: 12

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By the end of the course participants will be able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the rules applied by IFRS 17.


Scope and definitions

  • General definition
  • Scope exclusions
  • Identifying insurance risk (as distinct from financial risk)

Determining the unit of account – aggregation and groups of contracts

  • The level of aggregation
  • Initial recognition – basic rule
  • Modifications

IFRS 17 measurement and presentation – the general model

  • The general model explained step by step with worked examples
  • Modifications for:
    • Contracts with direct participation features
    • Contracts with discretionary participation features
    • Reinsurance contracts held

IFRS 17 measurement and presentation – the premium allocation approach

  • Eligibility
  • The PAA explained step by step with worked examples

Other topics

  • Contracts with participation features
  • Contract modifications
  • Derecognition

Transitional rules

  • Explanation and illustration of the IFRS 17 approaches:

IFRS 17 disclosure

A review of the key disclosures and identification of new data requirements to comply


Anyone needing a comprehensive understanding of this standard particularly the finance department, to legal teams, sales departments, etc.

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