Accounting in France, Germany and Italy

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This course examines the major features of financial reporting by companies under French, German and Italian law. The requirements are illustrated with practical examples from real French, German and Italian companies. Contrasts are made with UK, US and IFRS accounting.

The content can be tailored by removing one or more of the three countries; or by removing one or more of the comparisons.


Scale of differences between French, German, Italian, UK, US and IFRS accounting

  • French, German and Italian institutions controlling accounting: Commercial Codes, accounting plans, influence of tax on financial reporting
  • Different rules for individual company reporting and group reporting
  • Preliminary study of French, German and Italian annual reports: presentation of financial statements, technical terms

French, German and Italian GAAP (compared to UK, IFRS and US GAAP) for:

  • Revenue recognition
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Tangible assets: inventories; property, plant and equipment; interest capitalisation; depreciation; impairment; accounting for leases
  • Illustrations from French, German and Italian reports

Intangibles: software costs, other R&D, other intangibles (purchased and internally-generated); amortisation

  • Outline of financial assets: investments, hedging
  • Liabilities: provisions/accruals/restructuring; tax
  • Illustrations and comparisons

Group accounting issues: business combinations; goodwill; currency translation; associates and joint ventures

  • Illustration with French, German and Italian annual reports; comparisons
  • Summary of important French/German/Italian/UK/US/IFRS differences


Accountants working for UK or other European groups which have US subsidiaries, or accountants working for UK subsidiaries of US groups. No prior knowledge of US GAAP is assumed, but a working knowledge of either UK or IFRS financial reporting is assumed.

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