Our cookie policy

This page provides details surrounding the cookies which are used across www.quorumtraining.com and what they are used for.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is saved by your browser when you visit a website. It enables certain information about your visit to be stored by the site. Some of these cookies are essential in order for a website to run as you would expect it to while others allow us to provide you with a better service (for example, understanding what content is most popular, to provide you more of the same).

Our Cookie Policy

We understand you need to reach the most relevant information quickly and easily. So, our main aim of using cookies is to provide you with the most optimised ‘user experience’ possible. (For details on what personal information we collect using cookies and how we use it, read our privacy policy www.wilmington.co.uk/privacy-policy.) We may use cookies to help you navigate the website efficiently and perform certain functions. For example, cookies allow us to remember your log in details to save you from having to type your username and password every time you visit us, or move from page to page. Our website analytics tool also uses cookies in order to analyse how, when and where visitors use our websites, but this information is not tied to personally identifiable information. We only use this data to improve your experience. For example, we are able to find out what the most popular content is each week, and update our homepage to reflect that current interest. For members, subscribers and registered users of our website, if your cookies aren’t enabled on your computer, it will mean that your experience when logged in to our website will be limited. You will only be able to browse and you will not be able to use our shop to book on an event or order publications. For more details about cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org.

What Cookies We Use

The following describes the cookies we use across our website and what we use them for:


These are known as session cookies. These are essential for browsing, and using the on-line shop, and the website wouldn’t work without them. These cookie allows us to identify your particular session (the time between arriving at and leaving www.quorumtraining.com) and means that we can remember you as you move from one page to the next, thereby improving your experience on our site. These cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer when you logout or close your browser. Non-essential cookies for website analytics and helping you to share content.

_utm* (Note: These are third party cookies)

Google uses cookies to evaluate your use of the website in order for us to compile reports on website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required to do so by law, or if such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Google will not cross reference your IP address with any other data it holds. Read Google’s privacy policy.

Providing you with this information is part of our initiative to fulfil recent legislation. We want to be sure that we are clear and honest about your privacy when using our website. For independent information about cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org.

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