Welcome to the Directors' Lounge

We know what makes a good business great... it's the quality of the directors

Quorum Training understands the role of the company director and non-executive director within a modern business environment and how crucial directors are to creating the right “tone at the top”. With this in mind, our specialist programme is designed to offer relevant and effective coaching to help current and aspiring company directors fulfil their potential. Our courses will assist businesses by offering courses to support skilled and knowledgeable leaders.


  • Gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities
  • Appreciate the legal and financial duties
  • Realise the importance of “tone at the top” and how this affects the organisation
  • Update your knowledge of latest best practices and practical tips
  • Ensure that the company is compliant in all the regulatory areas


Meet other Directors and Non-executive Directors who are also interested in developing their skills. You can also expand your personal network and see how you could overcome problems from different points of view.


Our onsite training can be tailor-made for your board and its objectives. A bespoke programme designed specifically for your organisation will ensure that training can be delivered at a time and place to suit you and that sensitive and confidential matters can be covered in a secure forum. Please contact us for further details.

Courses in this programme

The following courses are practical and interactive and provide comprehensive professional development for senior manager and directors. The trainers we have selected to deliver this programme are carefully chosen for their skills, expertise and experience. They use real-life examples and case studies within their sessions to illustrate concepts.

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