IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts Virtual Training Courses

Powered by an online conferencing tool, Zoom, we are able to bring you our extensive range of IFRS 17 courses offer something for everyone covering an essential overview of the new standard to understanding the numbers.

IFRS 17 changes fundamentally the way in which insurance contracts are accounted for over time. After investing 20 or so years of development effort into IFRS 17, the IASB expectation is that it will bring greater transparency about the profitability and financial position resulting from conducting insurance contract business.

Preparing for and implementing IFRS 17 is problematic and challenging, requiring considerable effort to gain an initial understanding of the impact on the reported numbers as well as identifying upgrades to processes and systems to ensure they can provide IFRS 17 compliant data.

Below you will find all our upcoming courses, including dates, times and locations. 

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