We provide an extensive programme of specialist courses for business and finance professionals. Our courses are suitable for every level of staff from new starters to specialists. All our courses are delivered in a practical, interactive workshop-style environment. We limit the number of attendees so we can deliver a more personal experience. We provide you with everything you need on the day – from comprehensive course materials to full refreshments. Our courses will provide a great learning experience!

Corporation Tax Part 1 – The Complete Introduction

This Corporation Tax Part 1 – The Complete Introduction standalone introduction to the main features of the UK Corporation Tax Regime and combined with Parts 2 and 3 gives a detailed outline of UK taxation for corporate businesses. Combining worked examples and all the main aspects of a corporation tax computation alongside statute, case law and relevant HMRC practice, it provides a thorough understanding of the essential principles and procedures.

Corporation Tax Part 2 – Large Companies and Groups

This Corporation Tax Part 2 – Large Companies and Groups course covers more detailed corporation tax rules than is covered on Part 1. Attendance on Part 1  is not essential but a basic understanding of the essential principles and computational aspects of corporation tax in the UK is assumed. Recent developments in UK group taxation law and practice is covered together with recent case law decisions. Delegates will appreciate the taxation consequences of creating a group by working through a variety of computations.

Corporation Tax Part 3 – Company Tax Compliance

Part 3 of the Corporation Tax series covers the chief detailed areas of company tax compliance regime in the UK. It will look in detail at the current CT HMRC compliance checks regime. The course assumes attendance on Parts 1 and 2 although that is not essential for someone looking for a refresher on these aspects of corporation tax.

Corporation Tax Update

The Corporation Tax Update  training course covers the most recent changes, the current year’s Finance Act or Finance Bill changes and their potential impact on UK company tax compliance and planning. It provides a thorough refresher on the essential features of the UK corporation tax regime and changes from the last twelve months.

Creating Business Strategy – A Masterclass

Writing strategy plans is increasingly the job of managers at many levels. This two-day workshop gives insight into the rationales behind long-term planning and highlights key issues with examples from industries as diverse as automotive to pharmaceutical and hotel companies giving delegates an understanding of how to create or execute their organisational strategy.

Credit Control – Successful & Effective Collection Techniques

This practical and interactive credit control course explores best practice credit collection techniques. The objectives are to increase confidence in collecting and to provide an understanding of a wide variety of credit management and collection techniques.

Delegates will practice the techniques covered during the course and build skills they can use right away.

Cyber Security Essentials

With Cyber Security becoming such an important part of every business risk portfolio, the UK Governments benchmark for cyber security, Cyber Essentials, provides practical steps that every business can take to reduce their risk.

Delivering Service Excellence

You will develop the key skills and disciplines required in delivering service excellence to clients and how it can affect the success of your organisation. This workshop will help you and your team ensure you are giving your clients the best possible level of service you can – the level of service that they expect, not the level you think they deserve. This will help with client retention, encouraging them to buy more from you and recommending you and your organisation to others.

Derivatives Fundamentals

This Derivatives Fundamentals course will give participants a thorough background and understanding of the main derivative products, both exchange traded and over the counter (OTC). These are futures, options and swaps with a step-by-step guide to the products, applications, risks and documentation. We also introduce participants to credit derivatives and focus on how the market is structured and the various participants.

We review market developments such as MiFID II and the importance of timely and efficient settlement of trades and management of collateral. No prior knowledge required.

Double Tax Treaties in Corporate International Tax Planning

Tax treaties are a dynamic area of the international tax field. Tax practitioners need to become thoroughly familiar with all crucial aspects of double tax treaties. Illustrated with numerous practical examples, this Double Tax Treaties in Corporate International Tax Planning course will cover pertinent cases, government actions and trends across the world that interpret and apply tax treaties to business operations.

The course will be based on an analysis of the relevant articles of the OECD Model Treaty in relation to the crucial role they play in international tax planning for UK companies expanding and operating abroad; and for foreign companies doing business and investing into the UK.

Effective Business Writing and Reporting

This Business Writing and Reporting participative course introduces key principles of effective business writing through a range of real life examples and practical activities. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the key principles learnt in a range of practical exercises.

Participants will leave the course able to:

  • identify the features of effective business writing and incorporate them into their own correspondence and reports
  • write clearly and concisely so as to avoid ambiguity and retain the reader’s attention
  • avoid common obstructions to effective written communications, such as poor sentence or paragraph construction
  • write in an appropriate tone, depending on the purpose and readership of the written communication
  • present information in a visually appealing and easy to assimilate way.

Effective Compliance – The Management of Legal and Regulatory Risk

Failure to comply with relevant laws and regulations can severely damage an organisation’s profits and, perhaps more importantly, its reputation. Effective compliance is essential for an organisation to succeed in the long term.  This practical, interactive course provides an overview of requirements examining the twin-track nature of compliance.  First, the external component – the necessity of complying with applicable laws and regulations and secondly, the internal component – the need for all employees to comply with internal policies, procedures and controls.

More about our courses

With our extensive programme of Accounting and Finance, Taxation, VAT, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Financial Markets and Corporate Treasury, and Charities courses, we can help improve the knowledge and efficiency of your entire team and keep you ahead of ever-changing regulations and developments.

You can easily ask questions and discuss scenarios relevant to your business or workplace. Our comprehensive courses aim to provide a thorough understanding of specific topic areas. As well as a range of refresher and update courses to assist you if you need to update your knowledge.

Whichever course you attend, our expert trainers have been carefully selected for their knowledge and experience. They deliver the courses from a practical perspective giving you the skills to enable you to use what you’ve learned back in the office. 

Onsite training – All courses can be run onsite and tailored to meet your specific training needs. We can also put together bespoke courses if you do not see anything that meets your requirements in our programme. Our trainers are specialists in their respective fields and deliver engaging and informative courses supported by relevant course materials. Find out more here.

If you have an enquiry regarding any one of our courses or you are interested in running a course onsite, our training team would be delighted to help. You can call us on 0844 873 2121 or by contacting us on courses@quorumtraining.com.

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