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VAT in the Leisure Industry

Getting VAT wrong whether it be VAT chargeable or VAT recoverable can be expensive. Not charging or recovering enough VAT can impact on profit margins with VAT becoming a cost to the business. HMRC have become aggressive in dealing with anomalies such as holiday accommodation and catering (the “Cornish pasty tax” controversy being one example).

The leisure industry is a complex area for VAT and there have been issues affecting tour operators, non-profit making members clubs, and changes in the taxation of gaming machine takings.

The aim of this course is to guide delegates through a series of topics relating to all areas of the leisure industry although the course will be tailored to meet the needs of the delegates. The delegates will by the end of the course have knowledge of the VAT accounting requirements, HMRC practice and recent cases to enable them to avoid pitfalls and recognise opportunities.

VAT in the Retail Sector

A retailer is any business that deals mainly with members of the general public, and which is not normally in a position to issue a full VAT invoice. Retailers range from a small corner shop to the major chains and all have many and specialised VAT issues to address.

This course gives detailed guidance on the numerous VAT factors that affect retailers and aims to provide a thorough grounding on the subject. A knowledge of basic VAT is assumed.


VAT was introduced in UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1 January 2018. Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman are expected to introduce VAT by 1 January 2019. The aim of this course is to guide delegates through the complex VAT rules and what needs to be done to enable delegates to incorporate these changes into their VAT procedures. This half day course provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant rules.

VAT on construction – new reverse charge rules

This VAT on construction course explains the new reverse charge rules and the impact of the VAT changes from 1 October 2020. The new rules will apply to construction operations currently within CIS so therefore it is essential to train personnel with responsibility for aspects of existing CIS processes and ensure the business is clear on the operations within the scope of CIS and consequently the reverse charge for VAT.

VAT on Land and Development for the Not-for-profit Sector

The VAT on Land and Development for the Not-for-profit Sector course is designed to unravel the complexities of VAT as it applies to land and property transactions involving not-for-profit organisations. As transactions usually involve large sums and VAT recovery is often significantly restricted, understanding is crucial for all key staff, especially those working in development and finance. At the end of the course, participants will understand how VAT applies to most typical land and property transactions involving not-for-profit organisations and some unusual ones. They will also have an appreciation of some of the strategies that can be used to effect VAT savings.

VAT on Land, Property and Construction

A complex area of VAT where errors are easily made, often impossible to correct and can lead to unanticipated costs and penalties. This VAT on Land, Property and Construction covers the VAT rules for commercial, charity and residential construction, refurbishment and supply, as well as common supplies between landlords and tenants. A good basic knowledge of VAT is assumed.

VAT Part 1 – An Introduction to UK VAT

This VAT – An Introduction to UK VAT covers the basics of VAT, key rules applicable to all businesses, how VAT works, whether or not to charge VAT on a supply, what VAT can be reclaimed, and how/when to complete VAT returns. It forms a good foundation for  VAT Part 2 – An Introduction to Complex Aspects and New Developments.

VAT Part 2 – Complex Aspects and New Developments

This VAT – Complex Aspects and New Developments covers more complex aspects of VAT, highlighting problem areas, recent developments and EU and UK legislation. It assumes as prior knowledge topics in VAT Part 1 – An Introduction to UK VAT.

VAT Planning and Pitfalls

VAT mistakes are costly and penalties for errors add to the cost. Most could be avoided by giving attention to detail before the transaction takes place. This VAT Planning and Pitfalls training course covers a very wide range of VAT subjects and examines the availability and possibility for planning and the many areas where errors frequently occur.

VAT Update and Problem Areas

VAT is a tax where it is all too easy to get things wrong. Working as it does according to its own rules – quite different to those applying to other taxes – it is an area where an experienced navigator can be especially helpful in demonstrating how to negotiate the minefield. It is also an area of constant change.

The aim of this session is to update delegates on all the main changes in VAT over the past year and to discuss a series of topics of current interest, which, in the presenter’s experience give rise to the costliest misunderstandings.

VAT – Partial Exemption

The vat-partial-exemption course is designed to provide a detailed explanation of the principles of partial exemption, give delegates a clear understanding of how it applies to their business and provide the tools for identifying the optimum apportionment method.

At the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • a clear understanding of how partial exemption works and how the recovery of VAT can be maximised through its application
  • a heightened awareness of VAT-saving possibilities

Junior staff will become familiar with the right questions to ask, and senior staff will have clear guidance towards making key decisions.

VAT: Refresher

VAT law and practice is constantly changing. There are numerous updates to VAT Notices. HMRC also issue many business briefs and information sheets to reflect changes in policy and interpretation.

Anyone who has been away from the VAT world for a while will find on return that the landscape is different. Others may have maintained a good basic VAT knowledge but sometimes reminders and confirmations can be invaluable.  A phrase often heard on course is   “it was always done that way”. However, that does not always make it right. This VAT Refresher training course caters for people re-entering the VAT world as well as those who want to build on or refresh their basic knowledge. There will be opportunities to ask questions relating to delegates’ own circumstances.

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