We provide an extensive programme of specialist courses for business and finance professionals. Our courses are suitable for every level of staff from new starters to specialists. All our courses are delivered in a practical, interactive workshop-style environment. We limit the number of attendees so we can deliver a more personal experience. We provide you with everything you need on the day – from comprehensive course materials to full refreshments. Our courses will provide a great learning experience!

Managing my charity through challenging times – Session 1 & 2

As a charity trustee what I need to know, and what I need to do about…..

  • the relevant legal provisions they need to be aware of,
  • good practice guidance in the sector, and how these are applied in practice.

Managing My Charity’s Finances

This course is designed to give trustees and those with responsibilities for charities a good understanding of what finance based information is needed to comply with financial management obligations relating to charities, under charity law and Company law where applicable.

When preparing, presenting and using finance based information it is important to know the legal and regulatory requirements as required by the Charities Commission and under the charities’ SORP, as well as what good practice policies exist in the not-for-profit sector. Concepts like full-cost recovery, project budgets, donor reporting, public benefit reporting will be covered in this introductory session.

Managing People Performance

Getting the best out of your team members can be one of the most challenging aspects of management. By setting objectives, understanding the fundamentals of coaching and being able to review performance with effective feedback you will be able to develop your team effectively. This managing peoples performance training course will help you achieve this through a clearer appreciation of what your people need to perform at their best and how you can help them do this. You will also have to be able to spot opportunities and devote time to act as a coach and mentor to unlock the potential of your team members.

Maximising Business Tax Reliefs and Opportunities

This course aims to provide delegates with a summary of the main tax reliefs on costs and investments incurred on a business start-up, or which arise when an existing company commences a new business activity, as well as reviewing the main business tax reliefs available to existing businesses.

Maximising the Contribution of the Finance Function

Finance has certain responsibilities which it has to discharge – such as statutory reporting, processing payments and receipts – but it can go much further in helping the business define its success factors, create coherent strategies and monitor and communicate performance.

This Maximising the Contribution of the Finance Function course provides an opportunity to benchmark yourself against best practice, to have a template for change and to learn about some of the tools and techniques that can help create a real value adding finance team.

The emphasis is on both technical and behavioural change and the course provides real life tips and advice that can be readily implemented when you get back to the office.

The course looks at the forces for change and provides succinct overviews of the key tools used in responding to these forces – whilst recognising the need to balance “business as usual” pressures with change implementation.

Mental Toughness

In today’s increasingly competitive and pressurised work environment, you need to develop the mental resilience to be able to cope with the many demands that are placed on you as an individual business manager and leader. This resilience will help you in areas such as target achievement, negotiations, public speaking and lifestyle balance. This workshop will help you develop this resilience and thereby enable you to become more determined, focused, confident and capable under pressure. This will improve your own personal development and performance as well as enhancing your role as a key contributor towards the efficiencies and resilience of a high performing team.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Session 1, 2, 3 & 4

This Mergers and Acquisitions – Two-day Masterclass training course provides a complete understanding of the process of mergers and acquisitions. Delegates will also learn about the different forms of payment and financing available. Case studies will be used throughout to illustrate points covered.

Those attending this course will gain the following benefits:

  • Differentiate between a public and private M&A process
  • Understand the timing and key elements of a tender offer
  • Analyse the key steps for the different private M&A processes
  • Detail the main documents present in an M&A transaction
  • Calculations of any strategic synergy
  • Based on annual reports and forecasts, perform all the key valuation methodologies: DCF, NPV, ROI, etc.
  • Understand the different forms of payment and financing available
  • Learn the key metrics looked at by an acquirer: accretion/dilution, pro forma balance sheet,etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Two-day Masterclass

This Mergers and Acquisitions – Two-day Masterclass training course provides a complete understanding of the process of mergers and acquisitions. Delegates will also learn about the different forms of payment and financing available. Case studies will be used throughout to illustrate points covered.

Motivational Leadership and Team Development

Great managers do not necessarily make great leaders. Participants will enhance the ability to exercise enabling leadership skills, gain commitment from colleagues and achieve high quality results. This workshop will help you appreciate, develop and understand the different leadership styles and skills that will complement your management skills. This will allow you to gain greater commitment from your colleagues and thereby achieve higher quality results.  It will also help you develop your teams through a clearer appreciation of team dynamics, the stages of team development and how to use this to create a high performing team.

Practical Budgeting

The Practical Budgeting training course develops an understanding as to why and how budgets are prepared and the importance of monitoring performance against budget. It takes a practical approach to preparing and monitoring budgets.

Practical Employer Payroll and PAYE/NIC Compliance

This Practical Employer Payroll and PAYE/NIC Compliance training course will enable those responsible for payroll to understand the basic principles and requirements to operate  their PAYE scheme and to deal correctly with HMRC.

Participants will gain an understanding of basic law and practice in assessing employee status, who is responsible and those earnings which are taxable or non-taxable. The course will cover all the key areas of employer compliance in theory and practice including the complex issue of employment status (but excluding shares).

Practical Guide to Transfer Pricing

This Practical Guide to Transfer Pricing training course is intended as an ‘everyman’s guide’ to transfer pricing (‘TP’) and the arm’s length standard (the ‘ALS’). It covers the specifics of the UK legislation but focuses on OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines which are generally regarded as offering the global standard for TP in OECD and most developed economies.  It includes a discussion of what changes are likely to OECD practice in the TP area when OECD and the G20 countries ongoing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’) project concludes.

There will be numerous examples and the course concludes with a focus on the most frequently encountered TP controversies.

More about our courses

With our extensive programme of Accounting and Finance, Taxation, VAT, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Financial Markets and Corporate Treasury, and Charities courses, we can help improve the knowledge and efficiency of your entire team and keep you ahead of ever-changing regulations and developments.

You can easily ask questions and discuss scenarios relevant to your business or workplace. Our comprehensive courses aim to provide a thorough understanding of specific topic areas. As well as a range of refresher and update courses to assist you if you need to update your knowledge.

Whichever course you attend, our expert trainers have been carefully selected for their knowledge and experience. They deliver the courses from a practical perspective giving you the skills to enable you to use what you’ve learned back in the office. 

Onsite training – All courses can be run onsite and tailored to meet your specific training needs. We can also put together bespoke courses if you do not see anything that meets your requirements in our programme. Our trainers are specialists in their respective fields and deliver engaging and informative courses supported by relevant course materials. Find out more here.

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