We provide an extensive programme of specialist courses for business and finance professionals. Our courses are suitable for every level of staff from new starters to specialists. All our courses are delivered in a practical, interactive workshop-style environment. We limit the number of attendees so we can deliver a more personal experience. We provide you with everything you need on the day – from comprehensive course materials to full refreshments. Our courses will provide a great learning experience!

Practical Employer Payroll and PAYE/NIC Compliance

This Practical Employer Payroll and PAYE/NIC Compliance training course will enable those responsible for payroll to understand the basic principles and requirements to operate  their PAYE scheme and to deal correctly with HMRC.

Participants will gain an understanding of basic law and practice in assessing employee status, who is responsible and those earnings which are taxable or non-taxable. The course will cover all the key areas of employer compliance in theory and practice including the complex issue of employment status (but excluding shares).

Practical Guide to Transfer Pricing

This Practical Guide to Transfer Pricing training course is intended as an ‘everyman’s guide’ to transfer pricing (‘TP’) and the arm’s length standard (the ‘ALS’). It covers the specifics of the UK legislation but focuses on OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines which are generally regarded as offering the global standard for TP in OECD and most developed economies.  It includes a discussion of what changes are likely to OECD practice in the TP area when OECD and the G20 countries ongoing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (‘BEPS’) project concludes.

There will be numerous examples and the course concludes with a focus on the most frequently encountered TP controversies.

Practical Tax Issues Relating to Expatriate Employees

As movement of labour on the international markets becomes more commonplace, this Practical Tax Issues Relating to Expatriate Employees course provides an opportunity for those dealing with these issues to review their knowledge of the practical tax matters to be dealt with on the PAYE affairs of such employees.

Project Management – An Introduction for Non-Project Managers

Effective project techniques help you reduce spend, beat deadlines and plan for problems before they occur. This course will teach delegates project management methodologies that will help them successfully to manage projects, including skills in implementation, costing, management, conflict and control. Templates and techniques will help delegates create or run a project, whatever its size.

Reputation, Business Ethics and Corporate Culture

The Reputation, Business Ethics and Corporate Culture course provides a roadmap for delegates around good business ethics, examining the critical areas of conduct risk, conflicts of interest and whistleblowing hotlines.  It also looks at compliance in action though a focus session on the procedures required to prevent bribery and corruption.  Delegates will learn how to use the modern ethical toolbox to embed good practices in the culture of their organisations.  They will also learn how best to handle a crisis situation.  This is a practical and highly interactive course, using case studies and ethical dilemma exercises to stimulate discussion and debate.

Residence and Domicile – Tax Aspects

This course aims to provide a thorough grounding in the principles of residence and domicile for UK tax purposes and also considers some planning opportunities available for those leaving the UK and those coming here.

Senior Managers and Directors Coaching Clinic

Some clients prefer an opportunity to work with one of our experienced consultants on specific areas to allow them to drive their own development, relative to their respective roles.

Staff introduction to the Criminal Finances Act 2017

This staff introduction to the criminal finance act 2017 training course provides an introduction to the act and covers the new corporate offences of facilitating tax evasion.

It provides government-mandated training to staff at all levels on the key elements of the act, as well as detailed guidance on the standards required to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Strategic management of the facilitation of tax evasion provisions of the Criminal Finances Act 2017

This CFA training course provides a strategic overview for management of the Criminal Finance Act 2017 and the new corporate offences of facilitating tax evasion. It provides information on the UK government and law enforcement approach to the offences, the risks of non-compliance and the policies and procedures businesses should put in place to protect their organisation.

Supervisors and Managers Coaching Clinic

Some clients prefer an opportunity to work with one of our experienced consultants on specific areas to allow them to drive their own development, relative to their respective roles.

Tax and VAT Treatment of Travel, Entertainment and Staff Expenses

Recovering VAT incorrectly can be costly. Over recovery is penalised by HMRC and under recovery can impact on profit margins. There are a number of issues regarding the recovery of VAT on staff expenses but one of the most common is the differing treatment of some expenses for income tax.

The unique benefit of this Tax and VAT Treatment of Travel, Entertainment and Staff Expenses course is that delegates will not only be guided through the complex VAT rules but in addition guidance will be given on the direct tax issues. The two presenters will highlight where the rules differ and offer practical guidance.

Tax Compliance and Risk Assessment for Business

HMRC’s attitudes to risk assessment are increasingly regular and prevalent part of the role of the tax manager. Risk profiling is also becoming an important part of HMRC’s function so this course aims to give some insight into risk profiling and case selection as well as identifying the key risk areas of the tax function within a busy tax department.

More about our courses

With our extensive programme of Accounting and Finance, Taxation, VAT, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Financial Markets and Corporate Treasury, and Charities courses, we can help improve the knowledge and efficiency of your entire team and keep you ahead of ever-changing regulations and developments.

You can easily ask questions and discuss scenarios relevant to your business or workplace. Our comprehensive courses aim to provide a thorough understanding of specific topic areas. As well as a range of refresher and update courses to assist you if you need to update your knowledge.

Whichever course you attend, our expert trainers have been carefully selected for their knowledge and experience. They deliver the courses from a practical perspective giving you the skills to enable you to use what you’ve learned back in the office. 

Onsite training – All courses can be run onsite and tailored to meet your specific training needs. We can also put together bespoke courses if you do not see anything that meets your requirements in our programme. Our trainers are specialists in their respective fields and deliver engaging and informative courses supported by relevant course materials. Find out more here.

If you have an enquiry regarding any one of our courses or you are interested in running a course onsite, our training team would be delighted to help. You can call us on 0844 873 2121 or by contacting us on courses@quorumtraining.com.

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