Leadership and Management

Delivering Results through Inspirational Leadership programmes

We believe that high standards of leadership and management practice are essential in the modern business environment – put simply, it is very risky to have untrained, unskilled managers. The move into management requires a whole new set of skills and behaviours often at odds with the role that someone has been doing. Our public scheduled Delivering Results through Inspirational Leadership programmes take a manager on a journey of learning the essential skills through to truly inspiring leadership.

New Leaders : The Essential Management Toolkit

Starting at the beginning for those with typically 0 – 3 years’ experience is all about that first step. It is about getting it right.

Management Foundation (Supervisors/Assistant Managers)

  • Introduction to Management
  • Communicating Effectively with Colleagues and Clients
  • Working in Teams
  • Delivering Service Excellence
  • The Effective Supervisor

Experienced Leaders : Mastery of Management

This level is designed for those with typically 3 – 6 years’ experience and is about mastering those initial skills and taking a more advanced approach which is required when managing more experienced people and more organisational responsibility.

Management Development (Managers)

  • Influencing and Rapport Building Skills
  • Managing People Performance

Senior Leaders : Turning Managers Into Leaders

This level is aimed typically for those with 6+ years’ experience and is about becoming the self-actualised and confident manager/leader that is capable of leading organisations. We take a modular approach allowing flexibility when choosing the course content which aligns with the development objectives and values of your business.

Advanced Management and Leadership (Senior Managers)

  • Mental Toughness
  • Motivational Leadership and Team Development
  • Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills

Courses in this programme

The following courses are aimed at anyone needing a comprehensive understanding of managing teams from Supervisors, New Leaders, Experienced Leaders and Senior Leaders. The trainers we have selected to deliver these programme are carefully chosen for their skills, expertise and experience. They use real-life examples and case studies within their sessions to illustrate concepts.

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