Financial Markets & Corporate Treasury

We offer a variety of courses geared towards different aspects of financial markets and corporate treasury. For those new to financial services, we offer a one-day course on Introduction to Financial Services and The City and a two-day Financial Markets – The Fundamentals. Both of these courses will provide a good understanding of the sector and markets.

Useful courses for those working in treasury departments are Corporate Treasury in Practice – An Intensive One-day Overview which is aimed at those new to treasury and Corporate Funding and Risk Management which is designed for those needing a greater understanding of bonds, derivatives markets and products. 

For those needing to learn more about derivatives, we offer a two-day Derivatives Fundamentals course.  Other courses in this topic area look at Trade and Export Finance, Cash Management and Foreign Exchange Markets.

In-house – We can also help with your in-house training needs.  As well as being able to offer Quorum’s courses tailored to meet your objectives, we can also help with highly bespoke training aimed to cover the areas which are important to you and your business.

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