Construction (CIS)

Our Construction training courses are designed for financial professionals of all levels from new starters, quantity surveyors to financial controllers and directors.

The new reverse charge VAT legislation for the construction industry becomes effective on 1 October 2019. The new rules mean that the customer making payment for construction services will become responsible for accounting for VAT rather than the supplier i.e. subcontractor.

The construction operations to which the reverse charge will apply are those within the existing Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Errors often arise due to the complexity of CIS and therefore the errors will be compounded with possible VAT accounting errors arising.

Currently HMRC has offered little detailed guidance but it is essential that organisations start planning for the changes by:

  • training key staff,
  • ensuring the organisation is clear on the operations within the scope of CIS and the new reverse charge
  • reviewing and updating VAT accounting procedures
  • determining when and if the reverse charge will apply.

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